Woodstone & GDPR

What information do we keep?

Locally (in our office) we keep the purchase and license information.
This is
  • the mail we received from our purchase provider (originally Regsoft, now Avangate/2CheckOut) containing
    • Payment method (CC - PayPal - ...) -> NO NUMBERS!!
    • Product(s) purchased
    • Price paid
    • Name
    • Company Name
    • Address
    • VAT number
    • Phone number
    • Email address
    (the above for both the billing and the delivery info)
    "Old" license (in case of the purchase of an upgrade or maintenance renewall)
  • our own database containing
    • Name
    • Company name
    • License
    • Email
    • Purchase date
    • Support contract info (start/end date)
  • email we send to the customer with the license info containing
    • Name
    • Company Name
    • License
    • Email
    • Support contract info (start/end date)

Why do we keep it and how do we use it?

  • We keep the database in order to be able to check that a purchased upgrade/support-renewal is valid or not, in order to be able to find the current license of a customer when the customer requests it
  • we keep the mail we send to the customer so we can re-send that if the customer re-requests it
  • we keep the mail from the purchase provider so we can trace back the history of a license (typically when there is a discussion on the number of "old" licenses or if all licenses were renewed or not)
  • we use the email addresses in our db when sending out a mailing about new version or about promotions from Woodstone (linked to Servers Alive). The emails in the db are "cleaned" meaning that if we get a non-delivery we remove it or if we get a request from the user to remove it, we will of course remove it from the db too. When the email is removed from the db, it is clear that we will no longer be able to send mailings to that customer. (purchasing an upgrade will still be possible as we link that mostly to the license)

How has access to the information mentioned above?

Only people working at Woodstone (locally)

Do we give that information to other people?


Are we willing to remove ALL of your information (meaning in the db and the original emails)

YES - simply send an email to dirk@woodstone.nu requesting it
(but do know that this means that if you are no longer "visible" that when purchase an upgrade for example that we will not be able to link that to an old license and as such we will not accept the upgrade purchase (-> we can't verify the license))

SOAP checker

Do a SOAP request and check if the result is correct/possible.
The addons can be downloaded from here

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