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What is POPPager?
Do you need to receive critical messages from your colleagues or alerts from mission-critical systems 24/7? If so, POPPager is a complete e-mail-to-SMS gateway for all of your paging and text messaging needs.

POPPager is a lightweight application that runs on any Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows 2003 system. It takes up less than 1 MB of disk space and runs in only 6MB of memory. This means that it can run on virtually any PC hardware without any significant impact upon performance!

How POPPager Works?
POPPager is a gateway application. In network computing terms, a gateway is a device or program that transforms communications from one protocol, or format, to another. In this case, POPPager changes messages using the Post Office Protocol (POP) into Short Message Service (SMS) messages. This gateway functionality allows e-mail messages to be automatically forwarded to a wireless device.

POPPager accomplishes this by monitoring a specific e-mail account for new messages. When it sees a new message with the wireless device number in the subject line, this message is forwarded to the wireless device.

In the standard, free configuration, only one e-mail account may send messages to the account being monitored by POPPager. To extend the functionality of POPPager, a registration key may be purchased to increase the number of e-mail accounts that can send messages via POPPager.

A basic diagram illustrating the function of POPPager is found below.

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