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bvba Woodstone's trademarks

Trademark: Servers Alive
Status: ®
Descriptor: Computer Software for the purpose of monitoring hardware and software that are part of a network, in class 9 (US CLS 21, 23, 26,36 and 38)
Registration number: 3,201,157

SOAP checker

Do a SOAP request and check if the result is correct/possible.
The addons can be downloaded from here

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Customer praise

"We've used it here at the U.S. EPA (just one site) for a year and a half. It has totally changed how proactive we are able to be. Now our customers rarely find out about a downed server, because we jump up and get it back up before they notice.

Wonderful product, great support. We sleep much better because of Servers Alive."

Kevin Weinrich