High network monitoring performance without a high price.
  • AWS EC2 (Virtual machine on Amazon) (Enterprise only feature)
  • AWS S3 (Object storage on Amazon) (Enterprise only feature)
  • Docker checking - check parameters on a container (Enterprise only feature!)
  • Azure checking - check parameters on a virtual machine (Enterprise only feature!)
  • VMWare checking - check parameters on a VMWare ESX(i) host (Enterprise only feature! - needs the VMWare PowerCli/VIM libs)
  • VMWare checking - check parameters on a virtual machine (Enterprise only feature! - needs the VMWare PowerCli/VIM libs)
  • Hyper-V checking - check parameters on a virtual machine (Enterprise only feature!)
  • PING - ICMP/TCP (including TOS settings,latency and IPv6)
  • TCP Services - Any service that will respond to a TCP connection, such as web, ftp, and mail servers. You can even define your own TCP based checks with our protocol builder. This can be done over ipv4 or ipv6
  • UDP Services - Some popular UDP based services, such as radius servers, CITRIX servers, and many game servers. You can even define your own UDP based checks with our protocol builder. This can be done over ipv4 or ipv6
  • DNS - Do you get the correct IP address back from your DNS server? This can be done over ipv4 or ipv6
  • Windows Servers - Monitor the status of services, processes, disk space, and performance monitor metrics.
  • Web Services - Verify the status and content of your web servers (HTTP, HTTPS, MMS, and RTSP). And this by retrieving a page (HTTP(S) GET) or by posting data (HTTP(S) POST).
    Using a proxy? Not a problem we can handle that.
    Your webpage is protected with a password (HTTP basic or NTLM authentication)? Again not a problem, we also support that.
    Servers Alive can also check the validity of your SSL web certificates.
  • Databases - Monitor Microsoft SQL server databases and Oracle databases.
  • SNMP - We have support for snmpv1, snmpv2 and snmpv3 (authentication and privacy) checks. A lookup of the snmp check result within our MIB database can be done to get a more clear check result.
    Example: if you check the status of a UPS don't you prefer to know that it is "online" or "onBattery" instead of knowing that it's 2 or 3?
  • Remote Agent - Monitor remote system via a secured connection by using our monitoring agents (available for Windows and Unix/Linux/BSD) (more)
  • Result Scripting - Using VBScripting you can convert the received result to something more readable.
  • Write your own check - You also have the ability to write custom software to do your own checks through Servers Alive. We already have several examples including:
  • Combined check - combine any number of existing checks into one "complex" check
  • Built-in trap receiver - Get alerted when Servers Alive receives a trap (Enterprise only feature!)
Designed for real life alerting with maximum alerting types. Notifications
  • Microsoft Teams - send a message to Teams.
  • SMTP mail - With or without authentication and with fall-back to a 2nd mailserver if needed.
  • SLACK - send Slack messages.
  • Message on your cellphone - Via a connected (GSM)modem send a message to your cellphone (SMS) using the TAP,UCP or AT+C protocol.
  • Paging - Send via the network using the SMPP or SNPP protocol a paging message
  • NotePager - Let NotePager deliver your paging message
  • Instant Messaging - Get an alert via Twitter or XMPP (like Jabber or Google Talk)
  • Popup message
  • Start/stop a container on Docker
  • Start/stop a virtual machine on Azure (Enterprise edition only)
  • Start/stop a virtual machine on VMWare
  • Start/stop a virtual machine on Hyper-V
  • (re)Start a service - Remote or localy
  • Reboot a host
  • Execute an application or batch command (directly or via SSH (typicaly used for *nix systems))
  • Wake On LAN - Send a magic packet to a remote system in order to wake it up.
  • POST data to a webserver
  • SNMP trap - Send an SNMP trap to a remote management station
  • Sound - Play a warning sound.
  • You decide when - Alerts can be send on down and up, but also after a specific number of downs or when more than x% of the last checks were down.
  • Schedule - Use different alerts based on the time of the day
  • Person/team - Send your alerts to a person/team instead of to a fixed address. A person can have different "addresses" based on the time of the day, and is or isn't on-call. Use a "person" for authentication, this reduced password clutter in Servers Alive.
Create your own HTML templates.
  • Control the look - With our powerfull HTML you have control over the look and feel of the HTML output of Servers Alive
  • Own tags - Using Servers Alive's own HTML tags you can show the information that you want.
  • Static or dynamic - Your website is using ASP or PHP? And you want to integrate the Servers Alive output into your site? ASP or PHP (or any other language).
  • iMode compatible - Our HTML output is so flexible that it can even be used to generate iMode compatible pages.
  • Unlimited number of pages - You want more then one HTML output page? No problem you can have as many as you want and even better each entry can be on any of these pages.
  • Upload - Upload the generated page(s) to your webserver using FTP (with or without or SSL upload security).
  • WAP - We can generate several WAP pages
Great looking graphics of check times and results.
  • Trending - Graphs will show you trends within the response times and results of your checks, this is an easy way to spot upcoming problems sooner. (Howto)

  • Example graph - Click to enlarge
    click to enlarge

  • Historical data - Servers Alive uses RRD (Round Robin Database) for the storage of historical data and for the generation of the graphs. RRD is very powerfull and still very compact, it relieves you of the burden of managing all this data. (Howto)
  • Managers - Managers don't like to read a lot of text, they prefer graphs. So use these Servers Alive RRD graphs within your reports!

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