Servers Alive - Like Life Insurance For Your Business - Only Cheaper

If your organization is like most, you depend upon your servers to deliver your products and services, manage your back office, track your revenues and more. So when your servers are down, so is your business.

What's Worse Than a Down Server?

The only thing that's worse than a down server is when you're the last one o know. Well, maybe there are two things that are worse than a down server. The second is knowing you could have prevented the downtime if you had advanced warning that something was going wrong.

That's why we created Servers Alive. It's the total server monitoring and reporting solution that's easy to set up and easy to use. And it doesn't cost a fortune to license.

In fact, most of our customers tell us that Servers Alive is the most inexpensive alternative to live 24/7 server monitoring available. And that's not a surprise. When you consider the expense of staffing a network operations center around the clock, the low price of just 199 € per year for a basic Servers Alive license costs less than one cup of coffee per day. And if your tech team is anything like ours, they drink way more coffee per day than that.

But what if you don't have a tech team? What if you have a part-time IT person or a brother-in-law who knows his way around servers but isn't always there on site? No worries. Server Alives' flexible reporting system can contact anyone, any time, by e-mail, text message, SMS, chat or phone. You just can't hide from Servers Alive.

So What's So great About Servers Alive?

Here's the 50,000 Foot Overview:

  • It never takes a day off.
  • It monitors all of your servers and notifies you (or anyone you designate) when there's a problem.
  • It also notifies you (or anyone you designate) when certain conditions exist indicating that a problem is brewing.
  • It understands all of the "normal" things that should be monitored, and will do that right out of the box, but it doesn't stop there. It lets you decide what else you want it to monitor, how to report it, and what other actions you want it to take.
  • And it does all of this automatically.

Now Let's Zoom In For A Closer Look.

Once Servers Alive is installed, it keeps running. You don't have to load it every day. There's nothing to forget.

Sadly, your tech staff probably have lives which means they don't hang out at the office 24/7 waiting for something to go wrong. No problem. Servers Alive has a user-defined notification system that can find anyone, anytime, using any of the current communication technologies. It can use notification group lists so more than one person is notified when a monitored event occurs. It can even escalate notifications if no one responds to initial alerts.

Marketing people like to use the term "reduces total cost of ownership" when they are describing their products. We like to use it too, but only because it's true.

Servers Alive reduces maintenance and downtime costs (both technical and operational) because it doesn't simply wait around until something goes wrong. It can proactively monitor your servers and respond to certain signals or threshold occurrences such as bandwidth reduction, pending full disk situations, slow ping times, memory capacity issues and more.

What does 'and more' mean exactly?

It means that Servers Alive is pretty darn smart right out of the box. It knows what it should be monitoring and it does it without being told (of course, you can tell it not to monitor something if you really want to).

But maybe it doesn't know how to monitor something that you consider to be vital to your server's health. No problem. Servers Alive has a built-in COM interface that makes it easy to write your own monitoring routines. How's that for smart monitoring?

Servers Alive Understand Your Security Concerns

Most of the monitoring can be done without special remote agents. However, remote agents are available for some secure environments.

But maybe You Should Try Servers Alive For Yourself... And For Free!

That's right. You can download Servers Alive right now for free and put it to the test on your server. Then you'll see why users burn up our e-mail server sending messages like this:

"I know it sounds like a worn-out phrase, but I actually do sleep better now that I know Servers Alive is monitoring my Exchange, Loan Processing and Web Servers day and night."
Len Dozois, Chief Information Officer OneSimpleLoan

Download your trial of Servers Alive and start sleeping better tonight.

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If you're a business owner or manager, you know that network outages can affect your income, brand integrity, and bottom line. Here's a non-technical description of how Servers Alive can monitor your network and alert your IT staff when there's a problem.

Servers Alive - Like Life Insurance For Your Business - Only Cheaper

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