Servers Alive v10

New - Updated

  • Depending on the OS on which you are running Servers Alive you could get into an issue when the root certificate of the certificate of the HTTPS site you are checking expired and was replaced by a new root certificate (like we got with the root certificate). For this we added a feature were you can force your own certificatefile for all the HTTPS checks. This is done by pointing HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\DBU Consulting\Servers Alive\Startup\CertificateFile (as string) to the file that contains the certificate(s). How to get the certifcate in the correct form: Open the https site that has the root issues in Chrome. Click on lock icon left of the address, choose 'certificate'. When it opens, under 'certification path' click on root certificate so it opens in its own window. Then under 'details' tab choose copy to file, then choose base64 encoded. (2862)
  • AWS S3 checking added
  • AWS EC2 checking added. If you want to be able to check your EC2 instance via Servers Alive you will have to create access on AWS for Servers Alive. This document described what you need to do.
  • The URL (http/https) checker can now use Windows Integrated security for the page authentication.
  • The Hyper-V checker can check the replication status of a VM.
  • Alerts can be send Microsoft Teams
  • In some cases the authentication failures are ignored due to the authentication-ignorelist, we do log this too into the logfile. However this could cluther the logfile, by creating/setting HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\DBU Consulting\Servers Alive\Startup\DoNotLogAuthenticationErrorIgnoreList (dword) to 1 we will no longer log this.
  • For the SMTP alerts you can "link" the TO and/or SUBJECT and/or BODY to the default you defined within the setup. This means that if the default changes that your alert will reflect those changes too.
  • For the alerts you can now use the %ts parameter, this will give the time/date in the following format: yyyymmddhhmmss
  • FIXED: The sa_onstatustime tag in the HTML template based output gave issues with unchecked items.
  • FIXED: issue with the SLACK alert for the SNMP TRAP RECEIVER.
  • FIXED: Ignoring an alert on a holiday
  • FIXED: In some cases the EXTERNAL (ERRORLEVEL) checks failed with a strange error, seems to be fixed now
  • FIXED: Weird bug that caused the alerts set on STATUS CHANGE to fail, is now fixed.
  • FIXED: The HTTP/HTTPS CRC on a binary file crashed Servers Alive when running Servers Alive on Windows 2012.
  • FIXED: The XMPP alert (1st one - called by default Jabber), didn't convert the TO correctly
  • FIXED: The interchange logging to a database didn't log all the entries when the log_per_item_checked parameter was set to 1.
  • FIXED: The WINPOPUP alert didn't work anymore. Re-write and now use the MSG.EXE of the operating system. Make sure to configure within the SETUP a priviledged user that is allowed to run the msg.exe command. Witin the actual alert you also have to define on what computer the popup-alert should be visible. If you leave the "on" option empty then the alert will popup on the system running Server Alive.


  • All known bugs were fixed

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