Environmental Monitoring using Servers Alive General Overview
Poseidon model 3266
Sensatronics EM1
Sensatronics E-4/E-8/E-16
APC Environmental Monitoring
Netbotz 400

General Overview

In Servers Alive create a new entry by clicking on the ADD button in the main (tree) interface.
On the first tab called GENERAL fill in the hostname of the sensor (the IP address is fine too).
On the second tab called CHECK select the SNMP check. Next to the “check” option you must fill in the OID that you want to check.
Fill in the community string that you defined on the sensor. (default is PUBLIC). Make sure that SNMPv1 is selected as SNMP version.
Click ADD to add this entry.
(v4.x screenshot) - (v5.x screenshot)

Poseidon model 3266
Environmental monitoring using the Poseidon model 3266
(HW-Group) (temperature sensor in 1/10 of degrees) (1st binary input - typicaly a door contact) (2nd binary input - typicaly a door contact) (3rd binary input - typicaly a door contact) (4th binary input - typicaly a door contact)
(for the binary input: 1 means OFF - 2 means ON)

Sensatronics EM1
Environmental monitoring using the Sensatronics EM1

The EM1 has 4 groups, each group can have a temperature sensor, a humidity sensor and a wetness sensor. Each of them can be checked via Servers Alive.
Group 1: temperature humidity wetness


Group 4: temperature humidity wetness

Sensatronics E-4 (E-8/E-16)
Environmental monitoring using the Sensatronics E-4/8/16

For probe 1 use: (temperature)
For probe 2 use: (temperature)
For probe 16 use: (temperature)

APC Environmental Monitoring (AP9312PMI - AP9612)

  • APC 9612 card
    . (temperature)
    . (humidity)
  • APC 9312 card (temperature sensor 1) (humidity sensor 1) (temperature sensor 2) (humidity sensor 2)

Netbotz 400
Environmental monitoring using the Netbotz 400
(Netbotz) (internal temperature sensor) (external temperature sensor 1) (internal humidity sensor)

Environmental monitoring using Supergoose
(IT Watchdogs) (internal temperature sensor) (internal humidity sensor)

The information in this document is based on feedback we got from our users. We can not guarantee that the information is correct.
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