Scripts in Servers Alive Servers Alive can use a custom script to convert the check result to something that is more understandable for the user.
This document will show you what scripting can do and this based on a example were a you get the temperature back in degrees Celcius while you want to see it in degrees Fahreneit.

  1. Paste the following function into a text document and rename the file as C2FConversion.vbs.
    Function fnC2FConversion(x)
           fnC2FConversion = (((x/10)/5)*9) + 32
    End Function
    When using SNMP to retrieve the temperature probe value from a Server Tech Sentry PDU, you must first divide the retrieved number by ten in order to get the actual Centigrade temperature. (E.g. If the SNMP get returns 214, then the actual Centigrade temperature is 21.4 degrees)

  2. Save the newly created script to your Servers Alive directory. You can also create a sub-folder called "SCRIPTS" and save the file there. Fahrenheit

  3. Open SETUP and navigate to the Custom Scripts Section under the General setup options. Press the Add button and fill out the path to the new conversion script. Fill out the Function field exactly as shown and provide a description for the script.(screenshot)

  4. Open the properties for the Sentry PDU entry in Server's Alive (SNMP check - OID . and navigate to the Custom tab. Put a checkmark in the "Convert check reponse using" field and choose the conversion script description you entered in step 3. (screenshot)
  • Once the conversion function is working properly, the new Fahrenheit value will be available for your notifications via SMTP, SMS, etc.
  • The device being used for the check is a ServerTech CDU-84 PDU with built in Environmental monitoring.

Woodstone would like to thank David White for creating the document on which this HOWTO is based.
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