Servers Alive – End Users License Agreement

This license agreement covers your use of Servers Alive by bvba Woodstone. This includes the executable files and documentation and is hereafter referred to as the "Product". The Product is Copyright © 1997-2016 by bvba Woodstone. If you do not agree with these terms you may not install the Product. By incorporating the Product in your work or distributing the Product to others you implicitly agree to these license terms. This End User License Agreement (EULA) covers the current version of the Product. bvba Woodstone reserves the right to modify the terms of this License Agreement at any time and without prior notification, in future releases of this license agreement.


The Product is, and remains, copyright 1997-2016 bvba Woodstone. All rights reserved
All title and copyrights in and to the PRODUCT (including but not limited to any text, images, and other materials incorporated into the PRODUCT), and any copies of the PRODUCT are owned by the software publisher or its suppliers. All title and intellectual property rights in and to the content which may be accessed through use of the PRODUCT is the property of the respective content owner and may be protected by applicable copyright or other intellectual property laws and treaties. This EULA grants you no rights to use such content. If this PRODUCT contains documentation which is provided only in electronic form, you may print one copy of such electronic documentation.

Conditions Of Use

The Product is provided in one (1) form: as a downloadable, ready-to-run, installation kit consisting of executable programs, release notes, and documentation, hereafter referred to as the "Product Executable". You may freely use and distribute the trial version of the Product Executable so long as you provide the complete and unmodified original trial version of the Product Executable installation kit as supplied by bvba Woodstone.
Woodstone provides only the latest version of the Product Executable for download from the Woodstone Web site. Older versions of the Product will not be provided by Woodstone at any time. It is your responsibility to create an archived copy of the downloaded Program Executable which you have purchased.

Disclaimer Of Warranty

The Product is provided on a trial basis for evaluation, in the hope that it will be useful. It is provided "AS-IS", without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of the Product is with you. Should the Product prove defective, the full cost of repair, servicing, or correction lies with you. The trial version is limited to ten (10) check entries and this is the only limitation. You may purchase either the Standard Edition or the Enterprise Edition, depending on your needs. Each registration code covers ONLY a single copy/instance (in checking mode) of the PRODUCT EXECUTABLE installed on a single machine. You need a unique registration code for each copy/instance (in checking mode) of the program you want to run. The license covers one (1) additional installation, which must be off-site and for disaster recovery and/or testing the DRP, only. You cannot run this concurrently with your main installation.

Technical Support

Limited technical support is available from Woodstone. Full, guaranteed technical support on the current version only is available only with a support contract purchased from bvba Woodstone (or one of our resellers). Current prices and conditions may be obtained by emailing

Other Licensing Conditions

For commercial distributors, other licensing conditions may be negotiated with respect to technical support and redistribution rights. Before selling Servers Alive, you should contact bvba Woodstone in order to negotiate a redistribution license. Commercial distributors interested in OEM deals should contact us.

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