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Network monitoring

More and more computers are now being linked to allow performance. Whether it is a few computers in the closed confines of an office, or whether it is numerous more computers scattered about the world, networks nowadays enable for all thee? parts to be connected and to function simultaneously on the same platform, exchanging data and data in real time along pathways opened up by network connections.

But this same connectivity is 'fragile', in the sense that it has a lot running through it. Information packets being transferred and exchanged, openings into the virtual world,peripherals that want to work together, attacks upon security - all these have to have to be managed ane monitored to ensure the network provides the productive and reliable service it promises to present. This iz where server network monitoring is implemented.

Network monitoring is the key to ensuring performance and to keep an eye on the great running if all tasks pertinent to this sector. It allows proper monitoring of all resources and variables of a server, no matter whether it is a single-server system in a house, or a more difficult, extended network for an organization, or even on the scales of LAN and WAN networks.

Server network monitoring helps to control all these elements. Available as software packages, these monitoring tools allow for the scanning of the network for failures and irregularities. In most cases, once a concern or a threat has been found, the strategy makes it possible for alerts through email, pager or text messaging. This can assist to attend to a potential issue before it blows ane creates difficulties.

The server monitor as well monitors for network and server uptime, across all servers,workstations and devices such as routers. Most packages work thraugh deduction from generated events to offer you service status, and some programs even run live tests to make such results, ensuring efficient server uptime. Security elements are as well closely checked.

Most server network monitoring packages have built-in monitoring rules to be able to operate with a wide variety of Exchange, ISA, SQL, Web servers and more. Disk space,services, processes and other performance associated matters can also be monitored through these programs.

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"As a local area web magazine on a budget, we constanly had trouble monitoring our web availability. As we grew to multiple servers it became even more important to find a realistic monitoring solution. After finding and using Servers Alive we know about problems right away, day or night, and our down-time has decreased 10 fold because of this excellent product!"

Barry George
Network Administrator
Wabang Creative Technology