Servers Alive v9

New - Updated

  • The SNMP trap receiver alerts can be ignored on weekends, to set per alert!
  • The alert (on the checks) could already be ignored on public holidays, you can now in the same way ignore the alert during the weekend
  • VMWare VM/host checking can now not only be done with PowerCli 6.0 but also with 6.5
  • VMWare host checking is added (enterprise feature)
  • The HTTP/HTTPS check can now check for a specific status code
  • Via the PROFILE SCHEDULE you can define a schedule that is execute once a day (enterprise feature)
  • The ping check can do a LATENCY check (send one frame and alert if that one from takes more then of ms)
  • Docker container alert (start/stop) added
  • Docker container checking added (enterprise feature)
  • Azure VM alert (start/stop) added (enterprise feature)
  • Azure VM checking added (enterprise feature)
  • Extended the errorlevel check with a 3rd rule
  • Ability to select the secuirty protocol you want for the build-in webserver (including TLS 1.2).
  • Additional HTML tags: sa_stats_uptime_short, sa_stats_downtime_short, sa_stats_maintenancetime_short, sa_stats_nondowntime_short
  • If you have your robots.txt/favicon.ico file in the c:\application data\woodstone\servers alive" folder then we will serve that one (via the build-in webserver), if the file does not exist then we won't serve a file.
    (depending on the OS you're running SA on it could also be c:\app data\... or c:\applicationdata\.... - > basidly it's the file were you have the samib.db and the groups.grp file)
  • When converting the output of a check you can now also "saved" the converted result in a custom field instead of to the actual check result, as such you can keep the actual check result
  • When converting the output of a check you can now within those scripts use the custom fields as sa_custom_value_1...sa_custom_value_7
  • The formula used for the SNMP check can now use the content of the custom fields too.
    For example: ((sa_currentresult - sa_previousresult ) * 8 * 100) / ((sa_currenttimeinms - sa_previoustimeinms) * sa_custom_value_3)
  • SNMP check that is based on a formula does not have to be just FALSE, it can be any type of value that you can compare to
  • RRD graphs can be of a self-defined size
  • New var %tz added that shows the timezone in which Servers Alive is running. The timestamp within the SMTP alerts also shows the timezone.
  • You can add the HTTP(S) headers to the %e parameter for an HTTP/HTTPS check in case the status is not 200 (OK), this is controlled from within the registry via HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\DBU Consulting\Servers Alive\Startup\addHTTPHeaders (dword). With a value of 1 the headers are added.
  • The following tags now also work in a GROUP part of the HTML template: sa_startshorttime, sa_startlongtime, sa_startshortdate, sa_startlongdate, sa_currentlongtime, sa_currentshorttime, sa_currentlongdate, sa_currentshortdate


  • All known bugs were fixed

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